I’ve wanted to post this for a while.. Just playing with strokes in illustrator, trying to get a feel for something natural. It was a quick sketch after admiring my brogues whilst cleaning them.. I just really liked the lines.

Been meaning to upload things recently.. Finishing up a few nice pieces. In the meantime though, here’s a doodle. Nothing special but I really liked the bug eyes.

Todays #Sketch_Dailies was #FAVORITEMUPPET Fozzie Bear is always hilarious! Enjoyed this one.

Shut up and take my money!

Today I rushed to the post office depot before it closed, I had 20 minutes until it closed and got stuck in traffic so I didn’t think I’d make it… but I did!

And I’m so glad I made it! The package waiting for me was an artist proof of JJ Harrison’s DuckTales print that he did for Mondo. It looks like this..

I think you’ll agree this looks pretty awesome! but when I opened the tube that it was delivered in I was in awe! It is one of the most impressive prints I’ve ever purchased, I was so impressed with it that I immediately logged on to his site to check out what else of JJ’s I could buy!

Now, the light in my house isn’t great for photo’s and I need a better camera, but here’s a close up and another glimpse of the print. 

JJ also included this rather beautiful, smaller print that is a brilliant companion to the larger one.

Incase you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m very satisfied and now extremely excited to purchase something else from JJ and you should be too!

Check out JJ and follow him here:

JJ’s Website 




Now! JJ..


I decided to write this post as I realised that with little time I have outside of my day job to do any personal work, I should share with people the stuff that inspires me everyday. JJ’s work seemed like the perfect place to start.. Expect more of this.. and also more silly sketches and doodles.

A late entry for sketch dailies but it was on my mind and wanted to give Velma a go.. 

Anyone else notice how corporate Ursula was? Just something quick for sketch dailies!

Not Arnold! - I did a sketch of Arnold with my eyes closed, this is a cleaned up version of the monster I accidentally created.